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Tilly Mint

Tilly Mint is a grey Welsh Mountain pony with a  sweet  pink nose. She is 12 hands high and 14 years old. She came to the sanctuary in 2004 with Laminitis, a condition caused by incorrect feeding which affects a pony’s feet and makes it very painful for them to stand. Tilly is very kind, gentle and friendly and loves lots of attention.


Patch is a piebald miniature Shetland pony. He is 9 hands high and 8 years old. He was originally rescued from a market by a Sanctuary supporter when he was 6 months old, thin and neglected. Patch is very gentle with people but likes to boss the other Shetlands around. He does pony rides and is very trustworthy, slow and steady with children.


Charlie is a Skewbald miniature Shetland pony with a big bushy mane. He is 8 hands high and 12 years old. He was rescued from a caravan site where he was kept chained up and often ridden by teenagers who were far too big for him to carry. He loves people and enjoys doing pony parties and dressing up for special occasions when he is the center of attention. He is a wonderful cheeky character and knows he is a star.


Pebbles is a very handsome skewbald horse with a wide white blaze. He is 15 hands high and 21 years old. Pebbles came to the Sanctuary aged 3 years old after he was found tied up and in poor condition on a caravan site. He is terrified of tractors and other machinery and is still wary of strangers, but once Pebbles learns to trust someone, they have a friend for life. He is a real gentle giant

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